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CEO's Desk

This Website is aimed at demystifying the work relating to the conduct of elections. Elections are the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy.It is, essential that voters are not only aware of the statutory provisions under which the election machinery operates but are also fully knowledgeable about their rights and obligations as electors. The website is designed to fulfill both these objectives.

Towards the first objective,we have tried to incorporate all statutory rules, orders, instructions, manuals relating to the conduct of elections. Towards the second objective, we have aimed at enhanced voter education and included the topic on the site such as "How to Vote","Search for your name in the roll", Affidavits filed, Press releases etc.

As with everything else, this website is also a work in progress. We welcome suggestions from electors/voters, political parties, NGOs and all other stakeholders to improve the contents and presentation on this web site.